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E Fun APEN Touch8 Touch Panel for Windows 8 Laptops

(TS) – E Fun, famous budget tablet manufacture, has unveiled a new device that turns a non-touchscreen laptop into touch-enabled. It is called the E Fun APEN Touch8 System that designed to compatible with Windows 8 operating system.

For previous-generation notebooks (especially non-touch), that is great solution to fully use advantage of Windows 8 touch capabilities. The E Fun APEN Touch8 System comes in two parts – a small device (clips to monitor) and a stylus. It is utilized an USB connectivity and delivers multi-touch screen digitizer.

E Fun APEN Touch8 Touch Panel for Windows 8 Laptops

E Fun APEN Touch8 Touch Panel for Windows 8 Laptops

With Windows 8, Microsoft showed the world that it was all in when it came to a unified Windows platform that could run on any device whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or even the desktop. However this idea faces one huge problem in at least two of those areas: the laptop and desktop because many of these computers don’t have touch capabilities.

The laptop world is changing as an increasing number of new laptops are coming to market sporting touch screens, which will make it much easier to live in the new Windows 8 world. The desktop world however is another story, because many people simply don’t want to upgrade their hardware just to have touch functionalities.

This is the problem that a company by the name of E Fun is looking to solve with their new product called the APEN Touch8. This product seeks to give touchscreen functionality to the older hardware running Windows 8 – well sort of anyway.

The APEN Touch8 is a USB-powered device that includes a receiver and stylus. The receiver connects to the laptop or desktop, and is used to convert the actions of the stylus into inputs that Windows 8 can understand.

This is why I said “sort of” about the touchscreen capabilities, because it isn’t true touch. Rather, it’s touch by proxy as you need to use a stylus to trick Windows 8 on the laptop or desktop into thinking you are providing the input. It’s an interesting idea and I am sure that there are times when something like this might work. However, on the whole the idea that you have to pick up a stylus every time you want to “imitate” touch gestures to get something done seems to me to be a little pointless.

The company will be showing off the APEN Touch8 at this year’s CES and selling it for $79.99.

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