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I-O Data LCD-MF235XDBR releases New, ‘Frameless’ 23-Inch Monitor

(TS) – Since display technology can’t easily set monitors apart from each other anymore, other assets need to be incorporated in displays, something that I-O Data seems to agree with.

The company has introduced the LCD-MF235XDBR 23-inch “frameless” LCD monitor. We use inverted commas because there still is some bezel there for all to see.

I-O Data releases New, 'Frameless' 23-Inch Monitor

I-O Data releases New, ‘Frameless’ 23-Inch Monitor

Still, with an edge width of 9.8 mm left/right and 8.5 mm top, it’s almost negligible. It’s why the 23-inch display is physically the size of a normal 21.5-inch model. And with the presence of D-Sub, DVI and two HDMI connectors, it’s not hard to imagine the newcomer in AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA 3D Surround multi-monitor setups.

I-O Data releases New, 'Frameless' 23-Inch Monitor

I-O Data releases New, ‘Frameless’ 23-Inch Monitor

the display is not exactly frameless but does have some slim bezels – 9.8 mm left/right and 8.5 mm upper.

I-O Data’s creation makes use of an ADS panel 178/178 degree viewing angles, and features a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a 14 ms response time (4.6 ms via overdrive), a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, dual 1 W speakers, and a blue light reduction function. The LCD-MF235XDBR is set to become available in January.

I-O Data releases New, 'Frameless' 23-Inch Monitor

I-O Data releases New, ‘Frameless’ 23-Inch Monitor

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